Top Cloud-based Performance Tools to Monitor Your Online Assets

Cloud-native digital products, including customer-facing websites and business-critical applications, are extremely important for most online businesses. Many businesses face challenges in maintaining high levels of uptime with a streamlined end-user experience due to increasing website traffic, application errors, server outages, and a myriad of other technical issues.

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The Best Service Request Management Software of 2020

In the last few decades, there’s been explosive growth in the number of digital devices, services, and applications that have transformed business operations across all sectors. At the same time, the underlying IT infrastructure supporting this digital growth has also become complex. Amidst this rising complexity, the IT teams in most organizations constantly receive numerous alerts, notifications, and service requests or tickets from end users.

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What is a Data Breach? Ultimate Guide to Cyber Security Breaches in 2020

As organizations invest more heavily in their digital infrastructure, the consequences of data breaches and cybersecurity attacks have increased in turn. Indeed, research from the Ponemon Institute indicates that the average cost of a data breach in 2018 rose by 6.4% compared with the previous year to a total of $3.86 million. Related to that, … Read more What is a Data Breach? Ultimate Guide to Cyber Security Breaches in 2020

What Is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

Definition of Data Loss Prevention Data loss prevention (DLP) refers to the process of safeguarding data to protect it against thefts and leaks. This is typically done through software identifying and monitoring sensitive data to ensure only authorized users are accessing it. DLP tools also help ensure those authorized users aren’t putting the data at … Read more What Is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

What Is User Provisioning?

In any enterprise there are a large number of users, including employees, managers, and clients. All these users need to have appropriate access to resources on the network, so they can do their jobs effectively and not be held back by needing to request access each time they need something. On the flipside, enterprises need to take care to protect private or personal data, sensitive resources, and vital security information—both from internal threats and from cyberhackers.

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10 Best Data Loss Prevention Software in 2020

You have numerous options when it comes to data loss prevention (DLP) solutions. Investing in the right one for your company will help you to strengthen the security of your business and better ensure the trust your customers place in you is justified. In this article, I review the best DLP software available on the market today designed to help mitigate data breach risks.

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Hard Drive Usage Monitoring Software

The hard drive on your desktop or laptop is a highly active computing component. Almost every activity generates hard drive activity, including background system processes you may not even notice. Excessive hard drive activity can cause numerous issues, potentially slowing down your system and draining your laptop batteries. This is why it’s so important to use the right hard drive monitoring software.

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