What Is a CMDB Used For?

Configuration Management Databases (CMDB) are critical components of any business IT infrastructure. The CMDB is where critical data concerning the IT infrastructure—and how it works—goes. Without CMDB software, it can be difficult to understand the IT components’ relationships in your stack. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of how CMDB software works and … Read more What Is a CMDB Used For?

Top 3 Must-Have Incident Management Features

Today, organizations depend entirely on information technology and system support for their business to function. Any IT incident, including disruption in business-critical systems, server shut-downs, or breakdowns, may result in devastating consequences. Modern enterprises demand robust incident management more than ever before to ensure operational agility and business continuity. What Is Incident Management? When an … Read more Top 3 Must-Have Incident Management Features

What Makes a Good Service Desk?

There are a lot of options available when it comes to service desk software, whether you run a small business or an enterprise-level company. Choosing the right help desk solution can set the tone for how you deal with customer support requests, which is significant if you want to keep users happy and returning. The … Read more What Makes a Good Service Desk?

Change Management KPIs

When an organization makes the decision to enact a change, such as using different software or implementing a new form of technology, the effectiveness of the change needs to be forecast or measured to determine how it impacts business function. This is especially important for IT departments because it allows them to improve the efficiency … Read more Change Management KPIs