What Happened to Logical Data Models (LDM)?

In a recent blog post entitled Is Logical Data Modeling Dead?, Karen Lopez (b | t) comments on the trends in the data modeling discipline and shares her own processes and preferences for logical data modeling (LDM). Her key point is that LDMs are on the decline primarily because they (and their creators) have failed to adapt to changing development … Read more What Happened to Logical Data Models (LDM)?

Subjectivity: Naming Standards

Naming conventions are a very subjective thing, of course. Just like coding styles, they can often lead to anything from minor debates to full-blown religious arguments. Upper case vs. lower case keywords, tabs vs. spaces, and where to put commas come to mind. Heck, these same people even get into sub-arguments about whether the terms “upper … Read more Subjectivity: Naming Standards

Monitoring for Suspect Pages

Recently I have spoken with a number of people about the key things that they monitor when it comes to SQL Server, with the key metrics CPU, Memory, and I/O mentioned. Some others set up alerts for specific errors or severity of errors, however one thing that comes up very rarely is monitoring for Suspect … Read more Monitoring for Suspect Pages

4 Practical Use Cases for Grouped Concatenation

Let’s forget about performance for a moment, or even user-facing processes at all. A lot of tasks are admin-related and require at least the concept of looping, if not an explicit loop or cursor (or multiple). Think about how you would do these things in T-SQL otherwise:  The search ultimately needs to check every string column in … Read more 4 Practical Use Cases for Grouped Concatenation