8 Best Document Management Software Choices in 2021

By Staff Contributor on December 11, 2020

Businesses generate a lot of documentation each day, including forms, reports, spreadsheets, and documents. This not only makes documentation management operations complicated, but also affects service delivery. It is crucial to have a document management system in place to ensure the data is organized and managed efficiently. Managing documents through automated processes can save time and boost efficiency—while enabling IT teams to offer value-added services.

What Is Document Management?

It is a process of capturing, tracking, and storing business-critical information. It enables MSPs to eliminate manual processes and automate workflows for faster service delivery. Strong documentation includes critical details on clients’ businesses, products, and services, as well as manuals and step-by-step guides for specific operations. With reliable IT documentation software, IT teams can save time, increase efficiency, and simplify manage tasks through automation.

Outlined below are the best document management software solutions for IT teams and MSPs.

N-able Passportal

Best Document Management Software – Passportal

N-able® Passportal is a cloud-based password management platform from N-able that also offers comprehensive IT documentation management features for MSPs. With its advanced document management features, teams can centralize, access, manage, and share business-critical documents. The platform offers robust auditing capabilities to help you demonstrate compliance, unlimited documentation to safeguard sensitive client information, and built-in, customizable templates to reduce time spent on document management.

Passportal centralizes client documentation and makes it easily accessible to technicians for more consistent service delivery, thereby reducing incident resolution time. The tool easily integrates with other N-able products, such as N-central and RMM, to help you efficiently maintain, secure, and improve IT operations.


Best Document Management Software – Templafy

Templafy is an advanced document creation and management platform that empowers organizations to create documents faster. With its automation capabilities, productivity tools, and intelligent filters, teams can access the content required to develop business documentation. The platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure, making it a reliable and highly secure solution for organizations with strict compliance standards.


Best Document Management Software – Docuware

Docuware is cloud-based document management and workflow automation software that enables enterprises across all major industries to digitize and secure business documents. The solution is perfect for remote and distributed teams to access business-critical documentation quickly, thereby ensuring seamless delivery of services. It automates and optimizes the document creation and management process to reduce the time and effort needed to manage business documentation. The key features of the tool include document archiving, indexing, e-signatures, compliance tracking, document retention, and file recovery.

IT Glue

IT Glue provides a powerful and SOC 2-compliant IT documentation platform for organizing client-sensitive information. Using this platform, teams can track any asset, set secure passwords, search content from a built-in knowledge base, and automate and structure the documentation needed to serve the clients. IT Glue helps increase the organization’s productivity and provide better service by making the documentation readily available.

MSB Docs

MSB Docs is a smart, scalable, and end-to-end document management solution that optimizes the entire document lifecycle right from preparing agreements to signing, maintaining, and managing them. With renowned security standards and due diligence, MSB Docs provides complete automation and document security. It digitizes cumbersome manual documentation tasks, increases business efficiency, and saves employees time by allowing them to sign in virtually from anywhere.

The key features of this solution include smart templates to prepare documents in a single click and bulk signing to send documents to multiple recipients. It is a highly secure platform that integrates with multifactor authentication, like hardware tokens and OTP, to ensure businesses meet compliance and regulatory needs as per industry standards.


FOLDERIT is cloud-based document management software to store, share, and manage business-sensitive documents. With its permission access rights feature, teams can create groups of collaborators to share crucial documents with multiple people at once. Additionally, it maintains audit trail logs to provide accountability of file preview and sharing. It also offers powerful search with OCR to quickly search documents by their file name, metadata, screenshots, and documents.

Besides offering automation to help set the retention period for each file and folder, it allows teams to set reminders and send notifications for any documentation-related tasks. It also provides a local backup for faster data recovery and easy syncing.


LogicalDOC is a comprehensive document management software with a primary focus on fast content retrieval and business process automation. It allows team members to collaborate seamlessly regardless of their location and share intellectual business information to fasten their review and editing activities.

With its workflow engine, LogicalDOC enables businesses with higher documentation circulation to secure documents, reduce the time consumption to search specific docs, and improve team coordination and efficiency. The key features of the software solution include physical and electronic storage, record management services, and quick integration into Microsoft 365 and Outlook.


Dokmee is a highly secure document management system designed to help users capture, search, store, share, and retrieve documents. With its simple and easy folder-like structure, files are automatically sorted into an unlimited number of folders and levels. It can also export, purge, or delete files based on the set timelines of the retention period.

The tool offers a built-in audit log feature to track and record file transfer activities. Dokmee allows the sharing of files in different readable formats, such as PDF, TIFF, JPG, GIF, DXF, PNG, BMP, and MSG, across the organization. The workflow feature helps in customizing the management of documents for multi-user approval requirements. 


Initially, documentation management can be tedious due to the large amount of information that needs to be recorded. Choosing the right documentation management solution makes the task much easier and faster. The tools highlighted above offer customizable and flexible features to make document management simple and hassle-free.

We find N-able Passportal as the most effective tool for MSPs to organize business-critical information. It provides additional features such as a free-form, digital article editor, relationship mapping between items, SSL certificate tracking, and more.

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