Best Data Recovery Software For Business Use

By Staff Contributor on June 2, 2021

Organizations can face data disruptions due to several reasons, including natural disasters, human errors, cyberattacks, and system failures. It is crucial for organizations to implement a data recovery solution before a disaster can impact business-critical operations and lead to significant revenue losses. Read on to explore our handpicked selection of top tools that companies use to address the possibility of data loss.

How recovery solutions can prevent data loss

Data recovery solutions and backup processes play a vital role in regaining access to business-critical information that is accidentally deleted, corrupted, or made inaccessible. It is a process that enables businesses to restore data by creating multiple copies of important files, applications, and other data located on physical or virtual servers.

Besides helping prevent data loss, backup and recovery solutions also offer some unique features that enterprises can use to enhance the efficiency of their IT teams. These can include instant repairing of the logical file system, drive recovery techniques, full-system backups, automated testing, bare-metal recovery, and more.

Outlined below are the top data recovery tools that help businesses in creating backups and maintaining operations.

1. N-able Backup

N-able Backup software is a suite of cloud-based solutions designed to secure crucial data, critical applications, and entire virtual servers. It addresses different backup and recovery needs, such as disaster recovery, data archiving, and server backup with advanced capabilities to protect critical assets and sensitive data.

  • Disaster recovery backup: Built to restore customer data when disaster strikes and enable businesses to return to an operational state quickly. It is a recovery solution designed to minimize downtime and enhance the efficiency of IT operations.
  • Archiving backup: Archiving software stores the backup for a longer term to help demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements. Archived data is often stored for many years. The data is protected in the cloud until it is manually deleted, or the retention period expires. It is designed with a focus on granular data selection, security, and privacy.
  • Data and server backup: N-able Backup offers an all-in-one web-based dashboard, private cloud storage, and multiple recovery methods to recover data quickly. Teams can choose the data and assets that need to be protected, such as workstations, documents, servers, and more. The solution is designed to optimize cloud-based backup and recovery through compression and backup accelerator features.

2. Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is a powerful tool with highly customizable searches, a huge file-type library, and deep-scan abilities. It enables file retrieval of different file formats, data recovery from a computer’s hard drive, external drive, memory card, and more. It also supports RAID and virtual drive recovery and works for both non-bootable and encrypted drives.

3. R-Studio

R-Studio is a disk and hard drive recovery tool empowered by unique data recovery technologies. It can also retrieve files or data lost due to viral infection or power failure. The tool includes specific file system features, such as advanced APFS recovery, in-depth file analysis, a multilingual user interface, and more. 

4. GetData

GetData is a provider of data backup and recovery software solutions that are often used for data and file recovery, computer forensics, and file previewing. The products are designed to recover data from computer hard drives, digital cameras, email files, and other storage media and devices. It includes a diverse range of features that help businesses meet data recovery and productivity needs.

5. Orion File Recovery

Orion File Recovery software is a software tool that recovers deleted or lost files quickly. A recovery wizard and extensive search and filter capabilities are among the easy-to-use features. The tool can also facilitate permanent file deletion and drive cleaning to increase security.

6. BitRecover Data Recovery Wizard

BitRecover is designed to recover lost data, repair corrupt files, and restore deleted files from various data storage devices such as USB drives, memory cards, hard disks, and more. It can perform various functions, including:

  • Recovery from RAW partitions and drives (internal/external)
  • Search for files among all recovered data
  • Recovery of all file formats
  • Data filters to search data
  • Shows and recover hidden partitions

7. Kernel Data Recovery

Kernel is an advanced solution that is designed for email recovery, including messages,  notes, contacts, and even deleted items. It can restore corrupt mail files to platforms like Outlook, Exchange, and more. It also supports customized data migrations with various filters and provides fast migration of Exchange mailboxes. The key features of the tool include:

  • Full Exchange Database Recovery
  • Convert EDB to PST without Outlook
  • Recover EDB to Live Exchange
  • Backup Extraction
  • Operation Logs
  • EDB/Live Exchange to Microsoft 365

8. TierPoint

TierPoint offers a fully managed disaster recovery solution that reduces the impact of disasters and unexpected loss of data, infrastructure, or applications. The solution offers hypervisor-based replication that protects and secures an organization’s virtualized production environment. It facilitates cloud failover to private or multi-cloud storage. It can provide more control over recovery plans and offer automated failover to a secondary site that enables teams to restore business operations more quickly.


Data loss and downtime from disasters are among the most significant threats that can affect customer experience and revenue. Prepare for unexpected events by using data backup and recovery software, and test recovery processes regularly.

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