Linux Remote Desktop Software

Whether at work or in the home, we can all benefit from being able to access our Linux devices remotely. Maybe you’re helping a family member or colleague with an IT issue, or perhaps you’re working from home. Remote access capabilities are often especially important for individuals working abroad, at multiple sites, or who spend … Read more Linux Remote Desktop Software

AnyDesk Alternatives

Whether for work or personal purposes, you or members of your team will likely need to access your computer without being physically present in front of it. This might be because you’re working from home or a temporary office, because you’re working abroad, or simply because you spend a lot of time commuting. In recent … Read more AnyDesk Alternatives

Top 4 Service Desk Release Management Solutions

Release management can play a significant role in providing support services for an entire company. However, it’s often time-consuming to handle manually. Fortunately, by using release management solutions, you can plan and roll out fixes for entire departments in a matter of minutes. Service desk release software combines help desk and release management capabilities, so … Read more Top 4 Service Desk Release Management Solutions

6 Best File Integrity Monitoring Software in 2020

With the unrelenting news about security breaches, file integrity monitoring (FIM) software has become an indispensable tool for any organization. It helps improve data security, which is important for any company and shouldn’t be ignored. What Is File Integrity Monitoring? As opposed to other security measures, FIM solutions are specifically designed to monitor changes in … Read more 6 Best File Integrity Monitoring Software in 2020

Network Graphs – Network Graphing Tools

When managing a large enterprise network, having a clear overview of your entire network infrastructure and connections is critical for both troubleshooting and performance. One crucial piece of the puzzle is using a network graphing tool, or network topology tool. Network graphs show you your network’s physical and logical connections and allow you to have … Read more Network Graphs – Network Graphing Tools

5 Best Network Traffic Analyzers

Your business networks create a huge amount of data every day. Businesses can analyze this data to gain insight into how their networks are operating and assist with the identification of potential security threats. Network administrators often use network traffic analyzers to help with network traffic analysis. However, it can be difficult to determine which … Read more 5 Best Network Traffic Analyzers

SQL Server Security Best Practices for 2020

Whether you’re running an instance of open-source MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server, you need to be certain you have robust, high-quality security measures in place. This is extremely important for preventing malicious access to your database, particularly if sensitive or personal data is stored on your servers. In this article, I cover the essential SQL … Read more SQL Server Security Best Practices for 2020

Top 5 Software License Tracking Solutions

Many modern offices rely on a broad range of software for day-to-day operations. You’ll likely use diverse solutions for accounting, in-office communication, and more. As such, the more complex your business, the greater the chance it’ll rely on multiple software options. If the software happens to be premium—which is often the case—this means you need … Read more Top 5 Software License Tracking Solutions