6 Best Disaster Recovery Solutions

Organizations can face disruption due to unexpected events: human-made and natural disasters, cyberattacks, or unexpected system failures. It is imperative to strategize and implement disaster recovery before disaster can impact operations and lead to significant revenue losses and customer attrition as a result of bad experiences. Organizations should continually test their disaster recovery plans and … Read more 6 Best Disaster Recovery Solutions

Best Server Monitoring Software

Once upon a time, “server monitoring” was a delightfully straightforward category of the monitoring sub-discipline within IT. There was a box, the box had an operating system, and that operating system did certain things for the organization. Even when the word server became conflated to mean both “the box in the data center” and “the … Read more Best Server Monitoring Software

Top 7 Network Mapping Tools

Mapping your network is vitally important for keeping on top of how it’s performing, as well as for pinpointing bottlenecks or network issues, and troubleshooting problems. But approaching this process manually with a large or complex network can quickly become overwhelming. I’ve found using a network mapping tool is a much better approach—especially if it … Read more Top 7 Network Mapping Tools

5 Best Network Mapping Software [Updated for 2021]

Networks are rapidly becoming larger and more complex, with numerous technologies playing into their growth and expansion. Network mapping has become increasingly important for administrators and managers tasked with handling these growing networks. Though the process of local area network (LAN) mapping can be performed manually, this manual work is risky, as there’s a higher … Read more 5 Best Network Mapping Software [Updated for 2021]

How to Remote Access a PC

There will inevitably be times when you need access to information stored on your computer, but you don’t have physical access to it. Or a technician may need to access your device remotely to help you troubleshoot an issue. This is where remote desktop solutions can help. In these situations and more, remote PC access … Read more How to Remote Access a PC

Syslog Monitoring Guide + Best Syslog Monitors and Viewers

Syslog is a network-based logging standard used for applications to send data to a central server, providing information on events, statuses, diagnostics, and more. Unlike SNMP, which is an active approach to monitoring (aimed at preventing the occurrence of incidents), Syslog monitoring provides a passive approach, which allows you to deal with incidents after they … Read more Syslog Monitoring Guide + Best Syslog Monitors and Viewers

8 Best Infrastructure Monitoring Tools + Best Practices Guide

As a network grows, ensuring it’s functioning correctly becomes increasingly difficult. Managing IT infrastructure requires knowledge of the devices connected—the inventory—and continuous and regular insight into their health, performance, and availability. Some networks will have hundreds of connected devices; others may have thousands. As the network increases in size, the number of components to be … Read more 8 Best Infrastructure Monitoring Tools + Best Practices Guide

Best Remote Support Software

The best remote support tool is secure, user-friendly, and provides five-star customer support. IT professionals seeking software for their organization should consider pricing and licensing restrictions, as well as compatibility with their existing infrastructure and compliance with industry regulations. As remote work continues to rise, we expect to see the use of remote support programs … Read more Best Remote Support Software

14 Best Log Monitoring Tools and Event Logging Software

Not so long ago, plain-text log management was a widespread, grueling, and lengthy process. Plain-text data isn’t without its uses—in fact, under certain circumstances, it can be of great value—but it can’t replace a sophisticated log management solution when it comes to complex analysis and gaining advanced insight into infrastructure. If you want to optimize … Read more 14 Best Log Monitoring Tools and Event Logging Software

6 Best Network Analysis Tools

In our technological world, arguably one of the most frustrating situations is when you open your laptop or turn on your computer to work on something important, and the network’s slow. You try to open your email, but it won’t connect. Webpages won’t load. The company messaging system is unresponsive. Is there anything worse? What … Read more 6 Best Network Analysis Tools