Best Heroku Add-ons

Any enterprise deploying applications should be using Heroku—a cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) for developers to deploy, manage, and scale their applications without having to manage dozens of pesky cloud infrastructure deployment scripts. One of the most useful features of Heroku is the access to hundreds of add-ons capable of operating as fully-managed services—from … Read moreBest Heroku Add-ons

Exploring the Use of DNS in Multi-Cloud Environments

The multi-cloud approach to modern IT means workloads—whether virtual machines, containers, or minimal applications—can be located on any one of multiple independent infrastructures; whether running simultaneously for fault-tolerance or when being moved between these. In a modern IT deployment, workloads can (and will) regularly move between cloud and onsite deployments, whether for price, maintenance, latency, or … Read moreExploring the Use of DNS in Multi-Cloud Environments

DNS, Regulatory Compliance, and You

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), one of the most rigorous pieces of privacy legislation to date, has become almost synonymous with data privacy. This is partly due to its broad scope. The GDPR applies to any organization collecting and processing the data of an EU citizen—even if the organization isn’t based in … Read moreDNS, Regulatory Compliance, and You

Best Cloud Logging Services

Here are several top cloud logging solutions offering tech pros flexibility and features for effective log management. How are you getting the log insights you need to maintain and improve your applications and services? If you’re attempting to manage logs manually or using only basic software, you probably already suspect you’re not being efficient with … Read moreBest Cloud Logging Services

Best Log Analysis Tools

Applications, services, programs, and databases all generate large volumes of log data at a near-constant rate. Any tech pro responsible for analyzing these logs will tell you it’s a headache to organize and monitor them all. But since log analysis can help tech pros with a wide range of important tasks—from troubleshooting application performance to … Read moreBest Log Analysis Tools

How to Boost Your APM Solution With Log Management

While everyone knows application monitoring is an essential part of running awesome software services, understanding whether you need application performance management (APM) or log management isn’t so straightforward. Both techniques involve collecting data that describe your application’s behavior, and both help you analyze that data. Despite the similarities between APM and log management, they serve … Read moreHow to Boost Your APM Solution With Log Management

Cloud Monitoring Basics: Page Speed, App Performance, Log Analysis

Monitoring user-facing software has always been important, no doubt about it. But with the unrelenting migration of software to the cloud, and the adoption of microservices and serverless architectures such as Function as a Service (FaaS), monitoring is now business-critical. These new ways of building modern software involve many moving parts, and developers need to … Read moreCloud Monitoring Basics: Page Speed, App Performance, Log Analysis

Best Application Monitoring Tools 2019

As monitoring aficionados, our toolbox sports an embarrassment of riches, from configuration management to logging, and from synthetic transaction solutions to application tracing and monitoring. It could be argued that cloud-based application monitoring (or APM) tools are the most plentiful and, to a certain community of IT practitioners, the most essential, providing crucial information to … Read moreBest Application Monitoring Tools 2019