Azure Application Virtualization Technology Guide

Taking the time to understand Azure virtualization technology and Azure application virtualization is an important step for businesses considering Microsoft’s Azure Stack. This guide will explain Azure virtualization, helping your business make informed virtualization management decisions. If you’re looking for a solution to help guide your approach to Azure application virtualization management, SolarWinds® Virtualization Manager … Read more Azure Application Virtualization Technology Guide

Windows Server Logs Management

Every event on your network is recorded as a log. Because logs use a standard data format, you can easily search and analyze them to troubleshoot problems or catch security issues. If you efficiently manage your Windows Server logs, you can help your business with profiling, auditing, and creating statistics for growth. It’s possible to … Read more Windows Server Logs Management

Best Tools for Java GC Log Analysis

Thanks to garbage collection (GC), memory management in languages like Java is a nonissue. As a developer, most of the time, you don’t have to do anything. But things aren’t always perfect. The garbage collection process certainly isn’t. It’s important to keep an eye on it so you can quickly diagnose and fix issues to … Read more Best Tools for Java GC Log Analysis

Best Practices and Standards for Logging and Monitoring

In a world with data flowing constantly through our devices, efficient logging practices have become a fundamental tool for modern businesses. By using logging best practices, logging data can give your business valuable insights, and you can use these logs and the information they hold for several purposes. With efficient logging tools and best practices, … Read more Best Practices and Standards for Logging and Monitoring

Remote Desktop RDP for Android

Finding a remote desktop Android application suitable for your needs can be a real challenge. This guide will help you choose the best RDP app for Android for your company, looking at both paid and free options. In reviewing these remote desktop support apps, we have focused on apps with RDP Android to Windows capabilities, … Read more Remote Desktop RDP for Android

.NET Logging Best Practices and Tools

Is your organization looking for a better way to log? Unfortunately, logging comes with several challenges. Especially when logs pile up with an immense amount of data. This makes extracting key metrics difficult without the right tools. Therefore, it’s vital one has an organized logging practice. Today we’re taking a look at .NET logging. Firstly, … Read more .NET Logging Best Practices and Tools

Linux Remote Desktop Software

Whether at work or in the home, we can all benefit from being able to access our Linux devices remotely. Maybe you’re helping a family member or colleague with an IT issue, or perhaps you’re working from home. Remote access capabilities are often especially important for individuals working abroad, at multiple sites, or who spend … Read more Linux Remote Desktop Software