Best Syslog and Log Viewers

This guide will rank the best syslog viewers and log viewers on the market, considering user-friendliness, versatility and sophistication of features, suitability for business use, and more. What is a syslog? Syslog refers to a universal standard for system messages. While syslog was originally implemented by Syslogd, a Unix utility, it’s now used by an … Read more Best Syslog and Log Viewers

13 Best TeamViewer Alternatives

TeamViewer has long enjoyed the advantage of being the primary remote management software solution in IT, but complaints about the high price point and a series of worrisome hacks have left many seeking out alternatives. Though TeamViewer is still a very useful solution that’s easy to set up and has plenty of helpful functionalities, it’s … Read more 13 Best TeamViewer Alternatives

What Is Infrastructure Monitoring? – 6 Best Software for Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring is the continuous and systematic observation of infrastructure components that collect and analyze an organization’s data, ensuring efficient and reliable operations. How Does Infrastructure Monitoring Work? Methods of Collecting Data for Monitoring Infrastructure Monitoring Use Cases What Are the Best Practices for Infrastructure Monitoring? 6 Best Types of Software for Infrastructure Monitoring 1. … Read more What Is Infrastructure Monitoring? – 6 Best Software for Infrastructure Monitoring

Best Remote Desktop Connection Manager Tools

In this post, we’ll consider the best desktop connection manager tools, judging from some key indicators, which will be discussed later in the post. Best Remote Desktop Managers (for Teams) 1. SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support 2. SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere 3. ManageEngine Remote Access Plus 4. LogMeIn 5. AnyDesk 6. TeamViewer 7. Zoho Assist Best … Read more Best Remote Desktop Connection Manager Tools

5 Best Tripwire Alternatives 2024

Protection against cybersecurity threats is critical for companies of all sizes. Tripwire is one option for this, providing both open-source and enterprise versions of host-based intrusion detection systems. This is far from the only choice, though. If you’re looking for a Tripwire replacement, this guide offers a comparison of several Tripwire competitors. Tripwire vs. OSSEC … Read more 5 Best Tripwire Alternatives 2024

Best Syslog Servers in 2024

Logging is a critically important part of managing an IT environment, as it helps you spot issues with the system and reveal problems. Syslog is a kind of messaging protocol devices use to send messages about their status, events, or diagnostic information that can help with errors and troubleshooting.

13 Best Service Request Management Software of 2024

Drowning in a pile of alerts, notifications, and endless user tickets? Dive into the world of IT service request management software, which streamline these processes for you. In this guide, we break down the best service request management software out there so you can decide which tool works best for your business needs. Trust us—your … Read more 13 Best Service Request Management Software of 2024

Dameware Products Review 2024

Remote access solutions are incredibly common in enterprise and large business setups, as administrators can quickly and easily resolve support issues or go through troubleshooting without needing to be physically present at the device. There are several remote access software options on the market, and SolarWinds® Dameware® provides three options to accommodate the full range … Read more Dameware Products Review 2024