Mail Server Test Center

Manage and monitor email with greater safety and reliability

DNSstuff’s Mail Server Test Center offers powerful tools save you time and headaches when troubleshooting email issues. You simply need to enter your email address and the application finds the MX records for you. You then select the test sand IPs you wish to run those tests against. Result output is presented in a simple dashboard.

Critical real-time tests in one easy-to-interpret dashboard

Mail Server Test Center dashboard

Online real-time reporting

Each RBLalert from includes a timestamp of the notice, the name of the blacklist, and instructions or recommendations for removal if necessary. Measured performance and history knowledge is saved in your management screen.

Ensure proper configuration

Incorrect settings and configuration put companies at risk for downtime and improperly routed email; which can negatively impact a company’s brand, customer relationships and revenues.


Also included in Mail Server Test Center:

Email Path Analyzer

Email Path Analyzer is easy to use and delivers clear, detailed header analysis all in one comprehensive report.  Now you can deal with troublesome emails with ease.  The time savings alone make this a highly valuable addition to your current DNSstuff Professional Toolset

Email Path Analyzer dashboard

Anti-Virus Filtering Test

This test sends a series of emails to the address you provide. These emails contain the EICAR anti-virus test signature encapsulated in a variety of containers such as an .EXE file, a .BIN file, and a zipped .EXE file.

If you receive any or all of these emails with the attachments intact, contact your email administrator.

It is possible you will not receive the emails at all, if your anti-virus software or email server are properly rejecting infected emails, or emails with certain types of attachments.

"As an email administrator I think your product / service mix is the best.  I recommend it to anyone I train as a must have tool."

Brian Connelly, WorkGroup Associates Inc