DNS Lookup

What is this tool?

The domain name system (DNS) stores and associates many types of information with registered domain names (like dnsstuff.com). It also translates domain names to IP addresses and records the mail servers that accept mail for each domain. The DNS Lookup test performs a standard DNS lookup, and returns details about the specified record type(s) as well as additional useful information about the domain's DNS entries. Example: For the A record type, a DNS lookup provides information about how the domain or host name is resolved to an IP address (example,

*To lookup a PTR record, be sure to populate the "enter domain or hostname" field in the proper format for a PTR record (i.e., ip_in_reverse_order.in-addr.arpa). You may find it easier to use our Reverse DNS Lookup tool to lookup PTR records.

How do the results help me?

  • To Verify Your DNS Entries Typically, you'll use this tool to make sure that your DNS entries are correct (for example, making sure that the A record for your domain points to the IP address of your website).
  • To Determine the Mail Servers for Particular Domain You might use this tool to find out what server(s) accept email for a specific domain (by doing an MX record lookup).
  • To Determine Whether the Domain Restricts Who Can Send email You might use this tool to determine the SPF record for a domain (by looking up the TXT record for the domain), to see if the domain tries to restrict who can send email using the domain.

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