Professional Toolset

Our tools were developed to guide IT professionals with troubleshooting, managing and configuring their domain and email. In addition, you get access to the industry's first Mail Server Test Center which allows you to manage and monitor email with greater safety and reliability.

DNSstuff offers 30+ robust tools that are fast, reliable and accurate. We take a holistic view from the outside looking in and offer clear RFC compliant mitigation steps to help resolve issues. Inaddition to customer support, DNSstuff also offers world class technical support and consultation.

DNSreport, our flagship product takes a real-time, detailed approach to analyzing how your domain works throughout the internet, from the root servers to your start of authority to your individual servers. We connect to and scan each of your email servers and assess your configuration, your ability to send and receive email, and your compliance with RFC’s. This is why our customers run over 10,000 reports per day.

DNSreport runs a series 55 tests against your domain and returns a status of pass, warning or failure for each test result. The six test categories include:

  • Parent tests
  • Name server tests
  • Start of authority (SOA) tests
  • Mail exchanger (MX) tests
  • Mail tests
  • www tests

Our Professional Toolset includes point tools that assist with:

  • DNS troubleshooting, management and monitoring
  • Network Administration and Troubleshooting
  • Email troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Internet/Cybercrime forensics
  • Spam Combat
  • Insight into an IP address
  • Internet configuration, connectivity and performance

Mail Server Test Center


Take a closer look at our Professional Toolset:

Pro Tools
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A complete list of our domain and email tools included in Professional Toolset :

DKIM Key Checker - new!
Email Path Analyzer - new!
Mail Server Test Center - new!
DNS Timing
Spam Database Lookup
Uri Block List Lookup
Reverse DNS Lookup
DNS Lookup
URL Analyzer
DNS Traversal
IP Information
ISP Cached DNS Lookup
Abuse Lookup
Decimal IPs
Vector Trace
Social Media
ADR Domain Inspector
Top Level Domain Lookup
SSL Examination
HTTP Header Data
ASN Information
Find Nearby IPs
WWW cohost
MAC Address
Zone File Dump
RFC4193 Local IPv6 Range Generator
Country Tool
RFC Lookup
What does a website know about you?
DNS Root Server Response Times
SMTP Banner
SMTP Greeting
Null Sender
Address Literal
Open Relay
POP Banner
POP Authorization
POP Status
IMAP Banner
IMAP Authorization
IMAP Status
“DNSStuff uses its own dedicated network assets to monitor your DNS systems at a level of detail unmatched by other tools, then it uses its proprietary algorithms to give you the most specific results and actions to fix any problems. When new DNS applications and extensions are added, DNSStuff tools are there.”

Paul Mockapetris, Inventor of DNS