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You can use our free tools anytime, they're on the house. Check them out in our toolbox.

Professional Toolset

Our on-demand troubleshooting tools help you find and solve problems with your email, DNS and connectivity - fast. Our tools tell you "what the world thinks" and offers trusted 3rd party validation.

Professional Toolset now includes:

New! - Mail Server Test Center

DNSstuff’s Mail Server Test Center

Offers MX dashboard with real-time tools and easy-to-interpret results. This saves you time and allows you to manage and monitor email with greater safety and reliability.

New! - Email Path Analyzer

Email Path Analyzer is easy to use and delivers clear, detailed header analysis all in one comprehensive report. Now you can deal with troublesome emails with ease. The time savings alone make this a highly valuable addition to your current DNSstuff Professional Toolset.


Our flagship product, DNSreport runs 55 critical tests against your domain and mailserver(s) and offers a dynamic, external view of your DNS, email and web connectivity. This 3rd party validation offers trusted results and actionable data to solve issues.


Our sophisticated alerts help you proactively monitor and control your IP and domain around the clock, 365 days a year. This allows you to work smarter and keep your business more secure.

Domain Doctor

Domain Doctor is an application designed to help DNSstuff customers properly configure, monitor, analyze, diagnose and resolve all issues pertaining to their domain servers. Leveraging industry recognized tools such as DNSReport, Domain Doctor is the first application that provides the full end to end solution of configuration to resolution.


Blacklist monitoring - monitor a single IP 24/7. We'll let you know if your email deliverability is compromised from being added to a blacklist.



Q: How do I get full access to DNSreport?

A: Just trial our Professional Toolset and you're off and running.

Q: What do I get with the Professional Toolset?

A: You get unlimited access to all of our tools, Mail Server Test Center and DNSreport.

Q: Why are DNSstuff tools better than others?

A: There are a lot of DNSstuff copycats out there. Many do a good job. But, we've been at this since 2003. We've gained the trust of millions of IT professionals worldwide who rely on the accuracy and speed of our results. We take an approach to analyzing email, DNS and connectivity that is unmatched by the industry. We do full root server queries that pinpoint issues - heck, we even offer mitigation steps to help you solve your problems. Please note that as a DNS Stuff customer, you will receive email support from our experienced professionals.