Domain DoctorTM v1.0.0

Domain Doctor is an application designed to help DNSstuff customers properly configure, monitor, analyze, diagnose and resolve all issues pertaining to their domain servers. Leveraging industry recognized tools such as DNSReport, Domain Doctor is the first application that provides the full end to end solution of configuration to resolution.

Using RFC standards, industry best practices and DNSstuff’s trusted knowledge & expertise, users have the benefit of setting up all of their domain needs safely and securely. A key feature and time saver included in Domain Doctor is configuration management, users can also administer customized thresholds of all their domain servers.

With user’s domains correctly configured, Domain Doctor will then monitor 24x7 all of the user’s domains' settings against best practice compliance as well as any issues regarding baseline settings. Baseline settings are user-defined thresholds that include timing, changes to IP addresses, etc. When an issue arises, users can be notified via the Domain Doctor’s Dashboard Monitor, through email and/or text messages.


The Domain Doctor has been designed and developed with flexibility in mind. The application’s architecture is scalable and provides a web service interface. The major components included in the application are the following:

  • User Administration/Configuration Interface - The administration interface allows users to configure their domain servers against compliance and baseline thresholds. Users also can set their alert notification status too.
  • Dashboard Monitor - The Dashboard is an interactive interface and a visual representation of the monitoring results of all the Diagnostic Engine categories. Different colors represent whether a domain is in compliance, a warning state and/or a failure state. By clicking on the warning/failure, the Dashboard will kick off a more detailed report of the particular error category or a full summary of the domain.
  • Alerts - The alerts allow users to be notified about warnings/failure in their configuration and/or changes to their baseline settings. The information sent to users will explain the specific issue, date, time and direction on how to solve the issue. Notifications can be sent via email or text message.
  • Diagnostic Engine - The engine provides all the diagnostic and best practice rules that are tested against the domain servers. Over 50 individual tests and checks are made against any specific domain. The categories are defined as Parent, NS, SOA, MX, Mail, SPF, WWW, DNSSEC and Domain Records.
  • Reports - The reports that are generated by interacting with a dashboard are as follows:
    • Category Report - this report contains the detailed warnings/failures for a single category and the domain in question.
    • Diagnostics Report - this report contains the details for all of the compliance, warning and failure results for a particular domain.
    • Domain Records Report - this report contains the details for all of the records data for a domain. This includes Nameservers, Mailservers, SOA records, A records, etc.

Domain Doctor Dashboard