Abuse Lookup

What is this tool?

This tool lets you look up the E-mail address for a domain that is responsible for abuse complaints. For example, if you receive an abusive E-mail from a user with the address 'user@example.com', you would enter 'user@example.com' or just 'example.com'. You will then find out the address you can send your complaint to.

How do the results help me?

Track down who to contact when you receive spam and need to report it. This tool will tell you who to contact at the offending firm.

Our rate limiting system is very complex, and it may have thought that you were an automated program. If you request to be unblocked via our CONTACT form, we will investigate your account. Within 24 hours your access to the site will be back.
Here are some things we look at:

    * You use a web proxy: If you use a web proxy, you are now sharing the same IP address with possibly thousands of other people. If one of them abuses our site, you may get banned. If this is the case, you should stop using the web proxy. If you are forced to use a web proxy, you should complain to whoever is forcing you to use it.
    * You should contact whoever is in charge of your web proxy (if you aren't sure, contact your Internet provider) for assistance. You should let them know that the web proxy at [IP of your web proxy] is being abused and participating in a DDoS attack (and may be an 'open web proxy'), and that they must fix the problem. Searching the web proxy logs for 'netgeo.ch' will definitely find the rogue hits (but could possibly find some legitimate hits).
    * You may be the FireFox 'No Phishing' Extension: Someone had a great idea for a FireFox Extension, but didn't realize that it was going to abuse our site. If you use the FireFox web browser and have this extension, you must remove it.
    * Automated/programmatic usage: You must contact sales@dnsstuff.com to learn more about our DNSstuff auto usage service. Our site does not support programmatic or high usage unless you have a valid account with DNSstuff.com.
    * You may be infected with malware: There is malware out there that accesses our website, that thousands of computers are infected with. There is a slight chance you might have it. If you haven't done so recently, it would not hurt to run a good virus scanner that can detect malware.