Research & Analysis

Determining the registration status of domains or tracking IP addresses can be critically important.

Our tools and applications aren’t just for IT professionals. Our site receives hundreds of thousands of visits each month from non-technical researchers, members of law enforcement, patent law professionals and industry analysts. From facilitating investigations of criminal acts, to conducting trademark clearances, infringements on intellectual property, combating abuses of communication and technology assets and combating fraud, we provide a highly valuable workspace for problems solvers and analysts of all kinds


Professional Toolset

Our on-demand troubleshooting tools help you find and solve problems with your email, DNS and connectivity - fast. Our tools tell you "what the world thinks" and offers trusted 3rd party validation.

Unlimited access only $79/yr per user. In addition to customer support, DNSstuff also offers world class technical support and consultation. Our tools were developed to guide IT professionals with troubleshooting, managing and configuring their domain and email.

  • Convenience
  • Time savings
  • Tool accuracy & speed
  • Support: email
  • RFC Compliant
  • Full root server queries
  • Easy to use and interpret


Mail Server Test Center

DNSstuff’s Mail Server Test Center offers powerful tools save you time
and headaches when troubleshooting email issues. You simply
need to enter your email address and the application finds the MX records for you.

Email Path Analyzer is easy to use and delivers clear, detailed header analysis all in one comprehensive report. Now you can deal with troublesome emails with ease. The time savings alone make this a highly valuable addition to your current DNSstuff Professional Toolset.

  • Online real-time reporting
  • Critical real-time tests
  • Anti-Virus Testing
  • Support: email
  • RFC Compliant
  • Reports
  • Easy to use and interpret


Domain Doctor

Domain Doctor is an application designed to help DNSstuff customers
properly configure, monitor, analyze, diagnose and resolve all issues
pertaining to their domain servers.
Leveraging industry recognized tools such as DNSReport,

Domain Doctor is the first application that provides the full end to end
solution of configuration to resolution.

  • Configure against compliance
  • Monitor results
  • Diagnostic Engine
  • RFC Compliant
  • Reports & Alerts
  • Easy to use and interpret


Ideal For:

•    Law enforcement
•    Network Operators
•    Research Analysts
•    Patent Attorneys
•    Computer Incident Response
•    ISPs

You can use our free tools anytime, they're on the house. Check them out in our toolbox.

Malicious crimes such as human exploitation, cyber-terrorism, identity theft and larceny are tangible, growing global problems. tools and Internet management techniques are used by millions of businesses, law enforcement agencies and individuals. resources are invaluable in helping protect and safely manage Internet connectivity, and are used by law enforcement agencies worldwide to help combat the worst crimes
EJ Hilbert
Former FBI cyber-crime expert