Monitoring & Alerts

You’ve done your job. Name and email servers are set up properly in compliance with industry standards. Email is getting through, the web site is up and running, everything appears to be just fine. Or is it?

The fact of the matter is email and web connectivity can be affected by an internal “cut and paste” error in server set up or compromise of your server records by outside sources - without any apparent change to web and email functionality. That’s why we offer more than just tools to properly configure your servers. We monitor any change to your server’s records and alert you the minute a change occurs. Call it insurance, peace of mind, or just smart business practice. Our tools and applications are low-cost solutions that protect the web assets you can’t afford to be without.

24X7 monitoring of DNS and Blacklists

Our services helps you quickly identify critical issues with your domain that may be contributing to email, web or connectivity problems. Our service, based on our powerful DNSreport technology, runs 55 tests against your domain and mail servers and sends alert notifications when an issue is identified.

RBL Alerts's RBLalert service eliminates concerns over unanticipated IP blacklisting, downtime and chances of financial harm due to email disruption. DNSstuff offers a proactive monitoring service called RBLalerts that informs you about the status of your mail server IP.

We query your IP against the industry's most popular SPAM databases 24/7/365. You will receive an email alert when you have been listed or delisted from a SPAM blacklist. RBLalerts notify you before your business is at risk.

  • 24/7/365 blacklist monitoring & protection
  • Avoid harm to reputation and commerce
  • Reduces risk of downtime
  • Saves time not looking up IPs on a daily basis

Situational Awareness Dashboard

With user’s domains correctly configured, Domain Doctor will then monitor 24x7 all of the user’s domains' settings against best practice compliance as well as any issues regarding baseline settings. Baseline settings are user-defined thresholds that include timing, changes to IP addresses, etc. When an issue arises, users can be notified via the Domain Doctor’s Dashboard Monitor, through email and/or text messages.

Domain Doctor

Domain Doctor is an application designed to help DNSstuff customers properly configure, monitor, analyze, diagnose and resolve all issues pertaining to their domain servers. Leveraging industry recognized tools such as DNSReport.

Domain Doctor is the first application that provides the full end to end solution of configuration to resolution.

  • Configure against compliance
  • Monitor results
  • Diagnostic Engine
  • RFC Compliant
  • Reports & Alerts
  • Easy to use and interpret

Ideal For:

•    Mail Administrators
•    System Administrators
•    Tech Support Team
•    Help Desk
•    IT Managers

You can use our free tools anytime, they're on the house. Check them out in our toolbox.

Using standard command-line tools to detect and fix problems, particularly in a crisis, is no longer an option.

It's time-consuming and costly. Like any smart IT guy, I look for the most efficient solution to solve a problem.

That's why I depend on DNSstuff.

Sal Quinonez, IT Director,
Thomas H. Lee Partners